You have reached Fosters Leader, a business and stock-market publication covering business and stock market news as well as numerous other topics.

Editor in Chief

Steve Dixon

Steve has been blogging since the completion of his studies at Bradford University, UK. To share his insights and capabilities with individuals interested in the stock market and investing, he came up with the idea of setting up a website.


Mike Veveers

A graduate of finance, Mike has vast experience monitoring and investing in the world’s stock markets. Having read Mike’s blog posts, Steve contacted him and asked if he would like to write for his blog. Mark was appreciative of the opportunity to share his insight and experience in stock investing with the readers.


Vikkie Heron

Vikkie is an exceptionally talented and dynamic writer with very exceptional research skills. In addition to an impressive writing skill, she is well versed in the stock market.

For her initial work, Vikkie made portfolios for her friends who were interested in market investments. Several business magazines have published her market analyses as well.


Ali Hassan

A graduate of the University of Salford, Ali earned a master’s degree in Mass Communication. A freelance writer was initially hired by, however, everyone was impressed by his commitment and talent and eventually offered him a permanent article writer role.

Ali is a skilled writer of frequent stories, descriptions, captions, and blog post. Having worked for a major weekly magazine, he knows exactly how to deliver his information to the readers.