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Check Out What Teradyne Inc. (TER) Insiders Are Doing

The stock of Teradyne Inc. (NASDAQ:TER) increased by $1.39 on Tuesday to $78.60, up 1.80 percent. The last five days have seen an average...

What Analysts Say about the Teradyne Inc. (TER) Stock

Teradyne Inc. (NASDAQ:TER) saw a downside of -2.00% to close Tuesday at $80.84 after subtracting -$1.65 on the day. The 5-day average trading volume...

Analysis Of The Weekly Performance Of Teradyne Inc. (TER)

Teradyne Inc. (NASDAQ:TER) traded with an addition of $3.14 to $89.28 on Friday, an upside of 3.64 percent. An average of 1,266,222 shares of...

What You Need To Know About Teradyne Inc. (TER)

Teradyne Inc. (NASDAQ:TER) finished Wednesday with an addition of $2.1 to close at $85.02, an upside of 2.53 percent. An average of 1,798,620 shares...

An Analysis Of Teradyne Inc. (TER)’s Weekly Performance

As of Friday close, Teradyne Inc.'s (NASDAQ:TER) stock was up $0.26, moving up 0.31 percent to $83.04. The average number of shares traded per...

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