Does Puxin Limited (NEW) Have A Risk Factor?

The stock of Puxin Limited (NYSE:NEW) decreased by -$0.03 on Friday to finish at $0.40, down -6.69 percent. The last five days have seen...

The Insider Activity Of Puxin Limited (NEW) Is Worth Monitoring

Puxin Limited (NYSE:NEW) traded with a subtraction of -$0.09 to $0.45 on Thursday, a downside of -17.57 percent. An average of 32,352,201 shares of...

Puxin Limited (NEW): What Does Valuation Ratios Tell Us?

Puxin Limited (NYSE:NEW) saw an upside of 116.67% to $0.65 after adding $0.35 on Wednesday. The 5-day average trading volume is 4,525,683 shares of...

What’s Puxin Limited (NEW)’s Price to Earnings Ratio?

Puxin Limited (NYSE:NEW) saw an upside of 7.47% to close Thursday at $0.35 after adding $0.03 on the day. The 5-day average trading volume...

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