What is the Price Targets for Arcellx Inc. (ACLX)?

Arcellx Inc. (NASDAQ:ACLX) saw a downside of -0.34% to close Friday at $34.78 after subtracting -$0.12 on the day. The 5-day average trading volume is 804,060 shares of the company’s common stock. It has gained $37.63 in the past week and touched a new high 2 times within the past 5 days. An average of […]

YTD, How Many New Highs Are Made By Arcellx Inc. (ACLX)?

The stock of Arcellx Inc. (NASDAQ:ACLX) increased by $2.0 on Tuesday to $35.68, up 5.93 percent. The last five days have seen an average of 423,571 shares of common stock traded. 15 times new highs were reached in the current year, with a gain of $5.19. The average number of shares traded over the last […]

Arcellx (ACLX) Stock Jumped 25% On Friday, Why?

After announcing a strategic partnership, Arcellx Inc. (Nasdaq: ACLX) increased 27.95% to $27.74 in the current market on Friday. What step has ACLX declared? Today, Arcellx (ACLX) and Kite, a Gilead subsidiary, announced a global strategic partnership to jointly develop and market CART-ddBCMA, Arcellx’s main late-stage therapeutic candidate. For the treatment of patients with relapsed […]