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Weekly Performance Analysis for Ferguson plc (FERG)

Ferguson plc (NYSE:FERG) saw a downside of -2.11% to $117.92 after subtracting -$2.54 on Monday. The 5-day average trading volume is 1,321,546 shares of...

How Does Ferguson plc (FERG) Rank In Terms Of Valuation Ratios?

The stock of Ferguson plc (NYSE:FERG) increased by $2.61 on Tuesday to finish at $120.51, up 2.21 percent. The last five days have seen...

Where Does Ferguson plc (FERG) Rank When It Comes To Price-To-Earnings Ratio?

Ferguson plc (NYSE:FERG) finished Friday with an addition of $1.5 to close at $116.87, an upside of 1.30 percent. An average of 933,220 shares...

What Are The Risk Factors For Ferguson plc (FERG)?

At the last check on Friday, Ferguson plc's (NYSE:FERG) stock was down -$3.7, moving down -3.00 percent to $119.70. The average number of shares...

Ferguson plc (FERG): What the Financials Tell Us

Ferguson plc (NYSE:FERG) saw an upside of 1.53% to close Friday at $111.16 after adding $1.68 on the day. The 5-day average trading volume...

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