Insider Activity Monitoring: EPR Properties (EPR)

EPR Properties (NYSE:EPR) saw an upside of 0.31% to close Friday at $41.89 after adding $0.13 on the day. The 5-day average trading volume is 494,700 shares of the company’s common stock. It has gained $43.50 in the past week and touched a new high 2 times within the past 5 days. An average of […]

Does EPR Properties (EPR) Have A Risk Factor?

SNOW Stock

The stock of EPR Properties (NYSE:EPR) increased by $0.03 on Wednesday to $43.19, up 0.07 percent. The last five days have seen an average of 674,904 shares of common stock traded. 24 times new highs were reached in the current year, with a gain of $5.56. The average number of shares traded over the last […]