How Did The A2Z Smart Technologies (AZ) Stock Surge In After-Hours Trades?

Shares of A2Z Smart Technologies Corp. (NASD: AZ) rose by a significant 4.42% to reach $1.89 during after-hours trading on Friday following the integration of the company’s innovative Smart Cart with a top-performing retail Point-of-Sale (POS) software platform.

Who has AZ integrated its services with?

In January, A2Z Smart Technologies (AZ) announced that its Cust2mate Smart Cart would be fully integrated with NCR R10. Globally, many of the largest grocery chains are adopting NCR R10, which is one of the leading point-of-sale platforms. A2Z Smart Technologies made this move at the request of some of its largest clients.

AZ can seamlessly integrate the Cust2mate Smart Cart with the most widely used enterprise software platforms by integrating the Smart Cart with the most up-to-date point-of-sale software platform. Smart Cart will also become a preferred mobile self-checkout shopping solution for leading retail chains throughout the world. The move is expected to further boost the company’s market presence and drive growth in the near future.

AZ established a support division

In addition, AZ has recently established a division that offers maintenance and support services for Smart Carts. A2Z MS, AZ’s ISO-certified subsidiary, will establish the maintenance and support division. Several of Israel’s largest governmental and private organizations already depend on A2Z MS for maintenance and support.

As part of the division, Yochananof and all future retailers will receive all maintenance and support services needed for their Cust2mate Smart Carts. A2Z Smart Technologies has decided to cease developing military-related or derived products in order to concentrate on providing the services.

How will the new division help AZ grow?

This will provide A2Z Smart Technologies (AZ) with invaluable insight into how the Smart Carts are used on a day-to-day basis and will help the company develop new generations and features for the Smart Cart. AZ has sold 1,300 Smart Carts to Yochananof, and for the first three years, the company will provide maintenance and service of those Smart Carts.

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