How Is The Iveda Solutions (IVDA) Stock Rising 23% Pre-Hours?

At the time of the most recent check, shares of Iveda Solutions Inc. (Nasdaq: IVDA) were up 23.54% to trade at $0.70. Without recent news, the worldwide cloud-based AI technology solution provider was rising; therefore we may infer that recent occurrences may have contributed to the rise in stock price.

What current events took happened at IVDA?

Iveda Solutions (IVDA), a leading provider of cloud-based artificial intelligence (AI) technology, today announced the availability of IvedaCare, an AI assistant that helps users take good care of the people, places, and things that are most important to them. The first at-home AI Caregiver service that has been clinically proven is IvedaCare. The exclusive AI-driven, predictive software effectively lowers false alarms and offers unrivaled peace of mind to caregivers utilizing the device by learning users’ lifestyle preferences in order to make smart security and health decisions.

Iveda Solutions offers caregivers advanced AI technology through IvedaCare, which includes bot-enabled ambient fall detection, medication adherence monitoring, real-time location monitoring, and more. All of these features are accessible through a mobile app and provide real-time health condition updates and alerts.

Users have access to manage using IvedaCare’s AI-driven, decision-making software thanks to the user-friendly, cloud-based wireless sensors made for homes, healthcare facilities, and even neighborhoods. The user-friendly IvedaCare software quickly notifies users when dangerous conditions arise, placing intelligent care in their hands. Additionally, the app connects families and professional carers in real time, enabling more effective care for the expanding elder population of today.

While the primary use of the new technology is to ensure the security of cherished ones, IvedaCare’s sensor alternatives offer extra security for customers’ homes and possessions, including:

  • A learning security system:

    • Homes and the people that live in them are kept secure by perimeter and interior security sensors with false alarm learning and removal, lighting that learns, administrators’ access to predictive maintenance, and round-the-clock expert monitoring.
  • Monitoring of smart water and energy:

    • Bot-driven negotiations increase comfort by understanding the preferences of the user; Gamification with bot support gives users incentives to save energy and the environment by awarding points and prizes.

What supports IVDA’s success?

Iveda Solutions (IVDA) recognizes that there isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution to the carers’ issue, but other suppliers in the field may provide parts pieced together to resemble one. In order to provide homes, hospitals, and communities with the capabilities they each specifically want for really smart elder care, IVDA is taking a totally customized approach to aging-in-place technology with IvedaCare.

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