Has Renovacare (RCAR) Stock Risen Last Session For A Reason?

During the last session, RenovaCare Inc (OTCPK:RCAR) closed at $1.0100 after rising 24.69%, which lifted its market cap to $88.22M. In the past week, RCAR stock has traded 45.68K shares, up from the average of 14.99K shares. As well, the RCAR stock has traded in a range between $0.8600 and $1.0100. RCAR is a pink sheets company with 87.35M shares outstanding and a float of 26.10M shares. A new patent led to an increase in stock prices for RCAR.
RCAR has been awarded what patent?
New generation autologous stem cell therapies are being developed by RenovaCare for tissue regeneration and organ regeneration. The first product in development by RCAR targets the largest organ in the body, the skin. RCAR’s proprietary CellMist Technology automates tissue-specific pluripotent cell extraction from donor tissues through sequential protease digestion.
When applied topically as a gentle cell mist with the patented RenovaCare SkinGun, the RCAR CellMist System speeds up the healing of wounds and other afflicted tissues. CellMist Solution, the liquid suspension of stem cells sprayed by the SkinGun, is used to treat wounds.
In an announcement made by RenovaCare, the United States Patent and Trademark Office has awarded the company a new patent for SkinGun (US Patent No. 11,135,380). As part of RCAR’s commitment to develop and expand its proprietary multi-platform technology, the Company’s latest patent covers biologics and drug delivery platforms.
• As a result of the announcement, RCAR has made numerous technological advances and expanded its patent portfolio across the United States, Australia, Canada, and select European and Asian jurisdictions.
• RCAR has adopted a global IP strategy that aims to broaden its business options domestically and internationally by investing in technology.
• As a result, a stronger patent portfolio offers better protection against appropriation and infringement of its technological innovations.
• With RenovaCare SkinGun, gentle cells sprays are delivered to burn wounds that can promote healing.
• With its broad patent portfolio, its company will be able to establish strategic business alliances with potential partners in areas including cell therapies, biologics, drug delivery, and others.
• There are eight families in RCAR’s patent portfolio, covering the U.S., Europe, Australia, and Asia.
• The company has already been able to successfully defend its patent portfolio until 2037.
How will RCAR’s patent make a difference?
FDA granted RenovaCare (RCAR) full Investigational Device Exemption in May 2021, thus enabling them to evaluate the safety and feasibility of their SkinGun and CellMist system through a clinical trial. The CELLMIST 1 clinical trial administers autologous skin cells topically to deep third-degree thermal burn wounds in adults using the RenovaCare SkinGun and CellMist System. Patients in the United States are being screened for enrollment in CELLMIST 1 clinical trial.


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