Is There Any Reason As To Why The RDAR Stock Expanded By 33%?

Raadr Inc. (OTCPink:RDAR) had an increase of 33.33% to $0.0012 yesterday. The volume of RDAR stock was 297.29M, compared with its Average Weekly Volume of 109.23M. In addition to recently applauding and vetoing the actions of SEC whistleblower, RDAR stock rose when its CEO pledged not to sign any additional toxic document.
What has RDAR been up to lately?
Raadr publishes software that protects children from online dangers, such as social media and the internet. As the leader in Internet anti-bullying technology, RDAR provides monitoring and reporting products as a real-time service for children, parents, and school districts. By combining various features, such as keyword tracking, real-time alerts, facial recognition and website filtering, RDAR’s apps detect stalkers, bullies, and other threatening behavior in real time. Facial recognition is the app’s best feature, as the app allows parents to upload the child’s image in seconds and receive alerts each time their child’s picture appears on a social media site.
In its press release last week, the RAADR praised SEC whistleblower Francis Haugen’s testimony and unequivocally endorsed it. In a hearing chaired by Connecticut Senator Richard Blumenthal, two witnesses gave scathing testimony about the risks that platforms like Instagram, owned by Facebook, pose to children. Former Google and Facebook employee Haugen testified that platforms such as Instagram and Facebook target children and how their highly sophisticated algorithms and tools negatively impact young children.
RAADR announced last Monday that its Chairman and CEO had pledged not to sign any more toxic funding documents. For the purpose of the pledge, toxic funding instruments are notes or debentures that convert into equity upon the lender’s option, usually at a heavily discounted price relative to the stock price of RDAR around the time of the conversion.
In order to qualify REG-A filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission, RDAR has taken this pledge. RAADR will sell shares to highly qualified investors that RDAR believes will build shareholder value in accordance with the company’s mission. Toxic funding will be replaced by Regulation-A.
Audit completion by RDAR:
RDAR, which advertises itself as “the anti-bullying company,” announced recently that its audit for the company’s calendar years ended December 31, 2019 and December 31, 2020 will be completed in the fourth quarter. Form 10 will be filed by RDAR with the Securities and Exchange Commission with audited financial statements. RAADR expects that as soon as the company completes the transition from being an alternative reporting company to a fully reporting company, business opportunities will flourish and its cost of capital will significantly decrease.


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