Joyous Times for Inovalon Holdings Inc. (INOV)

InovalonHoldings Inc. (INOV), a leading data driven healthcare company, saw a slightly negative trend on Monday, as its stock was traded at $32.71, a mere decrease of 1.77% from the previous day. Currently, the stock is gaining back its lost momentum quite fervently, with an increase of 10.12% thanks to acquisition news. Bloomberg reported Nordic Capital is in advanced talks on a potential acquisition of Inovalon Holdings. At last check, the stock was trading at $36.29.

INVO’s last 12 months

Current year has seen a rise of about 80% in the shares of Inovalon. Due to this, the company has attained a market value of some $5.1 billion. In late October last year, the company lost its share price to a considerable extent, with the share price plunging from $25.36 to $18.99. The stock’s trend remained almost flat during the next two months. In January 2021, the company’s share regained its lost value, after the release of preliminary Q4 results, as the share price rose up from $22.56 to $26.90. This colossal rise in share price was due to the fact that the company announced that its revenue to be increased by some 9%, reaching $190 million. After January, the price of share regained its lost momentum and has generally kept a rising trend up until now.

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Who owns INVO?

A company’s success in the market depends upon a number of factors, the one worth mentioning among them being both institutional as well as insider owning. Inovalon Holdings carries an advantage in this regard. Being a company reliant on both institutional and insider owning, it has obtained countless advantages in shares trade.  A major proportion of a company’s stock is held by institutions, while insider ownership comprises almost 14% of the total company’s shares. This insider ownership provides Inovalon’s leadership to own the company, to think and act like actual owners, which proves quite fruitful in the long run.

COVID impact upon INVO’S performance

COVID-19 had an impact upon the share price of the company. The share price dipped from $18 to $13 in a week during early March 2020, as its operations came to a halt for the time being. The sales of products got disrupted, the delayed time period to get contracted by the customers and other such factors prompted the decrease in share price. But at the end of the day, the innovative policies adopted by the company renewed the investors’ trust within the company.

What future holds in store?

Based on current trends, the future looks to be on a perfect track for INVO. With increasing reliance upon data to serve the purpose of medical treatment, the digitally equipped medical setups are proving to be a blessing in disguise for the medical community. Apart from that, as the recent trends have shown, the investors’ trust is going nowhere as far as Inovalon’s share is concerned. So, potential investors should keep a close watch on INVO stock.


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