Lantern Pharma Inc (LTRN) Stock Prices Undergo Volatility as Upcoming Financial Reports Loom

Lantern Pharma Inc. (LTRN) stock prices were down 5.06% as of market close on April 30th 2021, bringing the price per share down to USD$15.01 at the end of the trading day.

RADR Datapoints Milestone

The company announced on April 29th 2021 that its proprietary RADR platform had exceeded 4.6 billion datapoints. The artificial intelligence platform facilitates drug discovery and development, while also identifying patients who specific targeted oncology therapeutics could benefit. The increase in datapoints has been staggering, with a 16-fold increase over the past 12 months and a 4-fold increase since the start of 2021.

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Scope of LTRN

The past year has also seen LTRN substantially improve the functionality, feature-set and automation of RADR. This has led to a significant and consistent increase in the treatments, treatment classes and diseases covered by RADR. With the reports of recent developments, RADR is fast on the track to becoming the world’s biggest, most robust, and most accurate artificial intelligencebased platform for oncology drug discovery and development.

RADR Results in Oncological Strides

The expansion of datapoints and developing functionality of the platform have enabled the unprecedently fast collaboration between various field expertsin regard to drug activity, drug response, patient stratification, and cancer biomarkers. The expansion of datapoints is anticipated to yield further targeted indications for the company’s existing pipeline of drug candidates. Furthermore, RADR is expected to facilitate the discovery of additional compounds and therapies with the potential to be in-licensed, which, in turn, will lead to more efficient and more targeted development.

Additional RADR Patents Filed

In relation to its RADR platform, LTRN has filed two additional patent applications in an effort to consolidate LTRN’s position as a frontrunner in the A.I. guided cancer drug development and drug rescue. The patents look to secure the company’s use of machine learning to forecast and explore gene signatures associated with pharmaceutical agents. Additionally, the patents are directed to the use of automated and machine learning methods on biomarker and genomic data in order to facilitate the rescuing repurposing, and repositioning of pharmaceutical agents.

Implementation of RADR

With the proliferation of artificial intelligence in drug development, platforms such as RADR offer companies essential tools to facilitate making informed and timely decisions. With the use of A.I., companies are guided in cancer indication selection, trial designing, the validating of mechanisms, as well as the potential creation of combination therapy regimens. With RADR now having covered every major cancer and drug class, LTRN hopes it can accelerate its portfolio while building on collaborations with biopharmaceutical partners.

Future Outlook for LTRN

With the company having reached the extremely significant datapoint milestone so far ahead of time, current and prospective investors are likely to be buoyed by the opportunities this affords LTRN. Despite recent volatility, the company is hopeful that its promising RADR platform in conjunction with promising upcoming financial reports will be enough to push LTRN to new heights in the upcoming fiscal quarters.


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